The Your Birthday Mission's vision is to help reinvent and redefine how people and companies give, on their birthdays, by thinking differently about why we give in the first place, by inspiring people to share part of their story

Our mission is to help make giving cool

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When Nina created Nina4Airbnb, she wanted to get Brian Chesky's attention, stand out amongst the crowd and interview and work for Airbnb

See her results HERE


When I created Trevor4YourBirthday, I wanted to inspire people to share what type of social cause or charity is important to them on their birthday

When I created Trevor4YourMission, I wanted to inspire influential people to share what type of social cause or charity is important to them on their birthdays too


When I created Trevor4YourCompany, I wanted to provide a way for companies to donate their birthdays and be the first to donate towards their employees 'Birthday Missions' too

When I created Trevor4Opendoor, I wanted to tell my story about my incredible experience working at Opendoor and share why I jumped off its rocketship to inspire people to share part of their story on their birthdays each year


When I created Trevor4CharityWater, I wanted to help raise awareness for Charity Water's mission, promote Scott's new book Thirst, and add value to the birthday movement that Scott started in 2006 so one day I'll be able to help Charity Water accomplish its larger vision of reinventing and redefining charity and how it works in our lifetime


When I created Trevor4YCombinator, I wanted to work with YC alumni companies, get accepted in the YC W2019 Batch and 'Make Something People Want'

When I created Trevor4GaryVee, I wanted to get Gary's attention through a jab he'll never forget, have something for us to talk about over dinner and to inspire him to help bring this idea of 'VaynerMissions' to life in 2019

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